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    Allison Mack Charged with Sex Trafficking

    A 35-year-old television star Allison Mack has been charged with sex trafficking for her involvement with NXIVM. Allison is best known for playing a young Superman’s Best Friend on “Smallville”. But now the actress is due in court facing sex trafficking after being accused of involvement in helping to recruit women as Alleged sex slaves […]

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    AT&T, Verizon Under Investigation Over Collusion to Undermine Competitors

    Verizon and AT&T are said to be under scrutiny by the U.S. Equity Department over allegations that they conspired to set up eSIM measures that would stop clients effectively changing wireless carriers. Verizon called the investigation much ado about nothing. Sources stated that the examination was opened around five months prior after no less than […]

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    US President Blasts James Comey On Twitter

    US president is taking swipes at his critics. Taking a twitter to lash out his former FBI director as well as attacking suggestions that his personal attorney would quote flipped on him. US president Donald Trump raging about those Comey memos that reveal his private conversation in the Oval Office, tweeting, “James Comey’s Memos are […]

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    Apple to Add A Wireless Speaker to AirPods

    An American tech giant, Apple to strengthen its wearables business and continuously working to add features to its existing peripheral devices such as AirPods headphones. Prior to this, rumors stated that the company may update the AirPods with new hardware features with hands-free Siri and water resistance. But the new report suggested that Apple may […]

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    Amazon, Google To Spend 60 Crores on Ads to Promote Smart Speakers

    Amazon is promoting Echo smart speakers at the ongoing Indian Premier League while tech giant Google is targeting the youth with its ‘Make Google Do It’ ad campaign. The campaign ads promoting Google assistance, show young users asking for directions speaking to their phones. Both are planning to spend approximately 60 crores on the advertisement […]

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    At Least 50 Structures Lost And 2 Dead in US Wildfires

    Deadly wildfires from Arizona to Oklahoma fuel by powerful winds and dry conditions and apparently the cedar trees killed two people in western Oklahoma also lost 50 structures and ignite more fires in the process. The fire and forestry officials stated that blowy winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour whipped across an area […] |
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