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    Apple to Add A Wireless Speaker to AirPods

    An American tech giant, Apple to strengthen its wearables business and continuously working to add features to its existing peripheral devices such as AirPods headphones.

    Prior to this, rumors stated that the company may update the AirPods with new hardware features with hands-free Siri and water resistance. But the new report suggested that Apple may introduce a new feature in its AirPods which will make them double up as wireless speakers.

    The US Patent and Trademark Office says, “A case for a wireless electronic listening device is configured to house a pair of wireless earbuds and charge the earbuds when they are in the case.”

    Further, it added, “The case is further configured to receive media received by the wireless earbuds and transmit the media to a non-wireless output device connected to the case.”

    Apple says the patent technology may also have Bluetooth support and this feature is for those who wish to listen to the music or audio while using it with a non-mobile device.

    Apple’s AirPods charging case turning into a wireless speaker could become a popular product as it will allow users to listen to music while AirPods are charging.

    A leading analyst says the Cupertino-based technology company planning to unveil a high-end headphone with a brand-new design by the start of the fourth quarter of 2018.



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    Amazon, Google To Spend 60 Crores on Ads to Promote Smart Speakers

    Amazon is promoting Echo smart speakers at the ongoing Indian Premier League while tech giant Google is targeting the youth with its ‘Make Google Do It’ ad campaign. The campaign ads promoting Google assistance, show young users asking for directions speaking to their phones. Both are planning to spend approximately 60 crores on the advertisement of their smart speakers.

    A managing partner at Wavemaker India, Navin Khemka said, “Google and Amazon have deep pockets They will spend disproportionately to create the voice assistant category, which is still nascent in India. Its early adopters will be young users who already use voice assistants on phones.” Further, he added, “They are more likely to buy the speakers that will be adopted by others in a household.”

    Google says the use of voice assistant on phones directs to users towards smart technologies. Google’s spokesperson said, “We have been seeing an increase in a number of people using Google Assistant on phones.”

    Google is working on its multimedia campaign and has promised to launch Hindi language support to widen its user base.

    The e-commerce firm is promoting its virtual personal assistant through the ad that uses the Echo smart speakers to get weather updates, news, and other things too, also promoting its smart speaker at ongoing IPL.

    Mass and brand marketing at Amazon, Ravi Desai said, “The team’s focus was to highlight Echo as a family device with varied uses relevant to each and every member of the family.” Further, he added, “Our target groups for Echo devices are families that are technology-friendly and willing to spend for convenience.”

    The e-commerce firm claims it has evolved Alexa for the Indian customer while ensuring knowledge, accent, services and other features are locally relevant.


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    At Least 50 Structures Lost And 2 Dead in US Wildfires

    Deadly wildfires from Arizona to Oklahoma fuel by powerful winds and dry conditions and apparently the cedar trees killed two people in western Oklahoma also lost 50 structures and ignite more fires in the process.

    The fire and forestry officials stated that blowy winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour whipped across an area where scant rain has fallen in five months. The National Weather Service issued an evacuation order for an area near the towns of Seiling and Oakwood.

    Firefighters continuing their relentless fight across the scorched plains of Oklahoma, battling dangerous wildfires and wind. Most of the wildfires started last week and by Tuesday it almost covered 100,000 hectares in western Oklahoma.

    Deb Beard, a U.S. Forest Service commander informed firefighters Tuesday to be careful and the Oklahoma Office of Emergency Management stated the emergency had been declared in 52 counties in the state. The Oklahoma officers stated that the gusty fire has already killed two and injured nine people.

    Firefighters are called this fire epic as they deal with the historically bad condition. The low humidity in the stricken area would create dangerous fire conditions in parts of New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Colorado. The source stated that such condition hasn’t been seen in last decades.

    The largest Oklahoma fires had burned more than 384 square miles and the temperature was expected to soar into the 90s with winds gusting to 40 mph or more than that.


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    Darrell Gallagher Joins Microsoft Studios

    The Xbox games team has made an announcement of the new appointment. Matt Booty, Microsoft Studios boss announced that Darrell Gallagher, former Tomb Raider, and Activision boss, is joining Xbox leadership team. Darrell Gallagher joins the platform holder from Activision where he held the roles of senior vice president and head of development.

    Gallagher spent two years with Activision as senior vice president and a decade with Crystal Dynamics before joining Xbox team. Gallagher also worked for Sony, THQ, and Rockstar in various positions. Gallagher is recognized for more than ten years at Crystal Dynamics.

    Gallagher appointment was announced through Twitter. Booty stated that he is excited about Gallagher appointment, adding that he is “excited to share more at E3. Darrell Gallagher tweeted, “Excited to be part of the team! Good things to come.”

    Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer said, “Always admired the work you’ve led and excited to have you joining the team. Welcome.”

    Microsoft isn’t saying much about Gallagher’s part of the company. Microsoft Studios is the company’s video game production wing, responsible for overseeing the development and publishing of first and third-party games for the Xbox. Rumors stated that Gallagher could be responsible to establish relationships between the publisher and developers.

    Xbox moved its main showcase away from the Los Angeles Conversion Center to the nearby Microsoft Theater. Microsoft is changing things up this year with its E3 showing, still, its uncleared what exactly the thing is but one possibility is the reveal of Halo 6.



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    Stormy Daniels Expected At Trump Attorney Hearing in NY

    US president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen expected to in Federal Court Monday in New York for the resumption of a hearing sought by President after the FBI raided his home and hotel room and he paid $130,000 on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. According to Stormy’s attorney, she will be present at Trump attorney hearing.

    Cohen seeking to block FBI investigators from reviewing the recording and other investigations they seized. Trump’s attorney did not immediately available for comment. US president is outraged by the FBI raid on his lawyers tweeting, “Attorney-Client privilege is now a thing of the past. I have may lawyers and they are probably wondering when their offices and even homes, are going to be raided.”

    Daniels’ lawyer Attorney Michael Avenatti said, “I think Monday afternoon could prove to be interesting.”

    Investigators are looking for the possible secrete deals that Cohen may have made to protect candidate Trump, one of them with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Daniels claims that she had a sexual encounter with trump back in 2006 just days before the elections. Cohen paid her $130,000 to keep quiet.

    Further, Stormy’s attorney added, “It’s intending to send a message that this is a very, very serious matter for her, and she wants to make sure that the American people know that she’s behind efforts to bring to light as much information and documents as possible,”

    Cohen and his attorney are nor ordered to hand over all the list of clients, so the Judge can determine what evidence Federal Investigators will be allowed to review.


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    Android P Brings Gesture Navigation Identical To iPhone X

    People are few miles away from the Android P but now they have at least a few indications of what to expect in the new operating system. As the company itself revealed the new experience to come in the form of gesture navigation. Google’s latest iteration of the most famous mobile-based operating system and the successor of Android Oreo, Android P will introduce Gesture Control similar to what Apple’s iPhone X.

    The Gesture-based controls are not new to the Android as they have been around via OEM-specific ROMs which will allow smartphone makers to take advantage of it. Rumors also stated that Google will bring several features such as native call recording, deeper Google Assistant Integration and lot more to come.

    The company in its official blog post showed a hint of a navigation bar that includes a hollow-styled back button as well as a pill-shaped home button. The blog post highlighting the availability of a Private DNS mode on the first Android P Developer Preview release.

    The successor of Android Oreo will enable similar functionality which allows OEMs to do away with hardware and on-screen navigation keys. The feature will app-switcher on-screen buttons to be hidden away

    Several smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus already enabled similar implementations of gesture navigation even on the framework of Android Oreo. So, this is nothing new. Still, we need to wait for a specific period of time to see how the tech giant will add a new feature on its upcoming Android system that will eventually highlight upcoming of tech era or the world of Android.

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    Missouri Governor to Resign Over Sexual Assault

    Pressure on Missouri’s Governor Eric Greitens is mounting after a bombshell report released by the House Special Legislative Investigative Committee Wednesday, Missouri Attorney General Hawley has called on Greitens to resign.

    A candidate for the U.S. Senate and Attorney General Josh Hawley said, “The report contains substantial, shocking and corroborated evidence of wrongdoing by the 44-year-old governor.”

    The committee has started its investigation after the governor was indicted in February. He is charged with felony invasion of privacy in connection with an admitted extramarital affair in 2015. Governor accused of taking a nude photo of a woman without her consent.

    Missouri’s Governor called a news conference in Jefferson City on Wednesday to declare he was determined to stay in office while fighting to clear his name in court. Eric Greitens said, “I want to say again what I have said from the beginning. This is a “political witch-hunt” stemming from a “private mistake” that had nothing to do with his job as governor.”

    Eric Greitens added, “The people of Missouri see through this, and they know far better than to trust one-sided tabloid trash gossip that was produced in a secret report.”

    A married father of two, Eric Greitens talked without further ado before an exceptional bipartisan panel of the Republican-controlled state House of Representatives discharged its 24-page record.



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    Kansas City Suspect Accidentally Recorded Murder Confession

    Jackson County Prosecutors, Jean Peters Baker says an 80-year-old man David Jungerman mistakenly recorded himself admitting to killing an attorney Tom Picker in the front of his home. Emily Reigel, Tom Picker’s wife took the step after Baker announced the charges.

    Emily Reigel said, “We’ve had our birthdays without him and our holidays without him, and all the little moments that make life what it is all about. Without him here to bring what he could have to our lives.” Further, she added, “For 168 days, we’ve all wondered if this day would ever come. We have hoped and prayed. We’ve been in the turmoil of the unknown. And today, officially we have some of those answers and some of our fear can be calmed.”

    80-year-old suspect charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the killing of Pickert. A vehicle belonging to the suspect was found linking to the Tom Picker’s murder case, but the old man not considered a suspect.

    David Jungerman admitted that he murdered a lawyer with a gun and gotten away with it and the reason behind murdered was the lawyer stole his money.

    David Jungerman is being held at the Jackson County imprison without bond after being blamed for shooting a man he associated with taking an iron pipe from his building. Pickert’s dowager, Emily Riegel, upheld for weapon control at the March for Our Lives rally against gun violence a month ago.


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    New Jersey: Dancers Leap from Dance Studio Balcony as Fire Rages

    The blaze ripped through a New Jersey dance studio forcing young girls to jump for their lives from the balcony. From burning New Jersey mall, the flame engulfing the building with people trapped inside.

    According to the information of the source, flames broke out just before 7 p.m. on the first floor of the building on Old River Road in Edgewater. The massive smoke clouds billowing up into the sky.

    Neighbours and the first responders rushing a ladder to the second floor of the building to get the girls down safely, but it isn’t long up to reach. One terrified young student kicks it over forcing the other students to leap into the arms of rescuers waiting below the building.

    One of the first people on the scene was local businessman Tony Nehmi who along with police officer Mr. Jimmy Dalton helped to evacuate the dance studio.

    Edgewater Borough New Jersey, Michael McPartland said, “The girls were trapped on the second floor of the building and they escaped due to the people’s bravery present on the scene.”

    The dancers back safely on the ground receiving medical attention miraculously and no one seriously injured. More than 12 hours later fire cruisers dousing the building with water, putting out hotspot. “The fire tore through the dance studio and in addition enchanting auto and eateries. The reason for the fire is still under scrutiny.


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    Xiaomi’s Gaming Smartphone Black Shark Leaks Again

    Few days remaining for Xiaomi’s Black Shark launch and the leaks of the gaming smartphone are still coming. The smartphone again spotted online which is expected to launch on April 13, 2018.

    The new teaser of the smartphone highlights Dual Camera Setup and LED Flash along with the logo at the back that seems to be strategically placed to match the Razer Phone’s triple-headed snake logo on the rear panel.

    The new teaser also reveals the curved edges of the upcoming smartphone that will be backed by the company and it is expected to carry Black Shark brand to rival Razer Phone.

    The leak images coming from the Chinese social media Weibo. The images wrapped with a custom case and might include a D-pad along with some gaming control. The phone likely to have a separate battery pack that will offer enhanced playtime for users.

    According to the rumors, the gaming smartphone will come with an OLED screen and an under-display fingerprint sensor. The leaked image does not show any fingerprint sensor, but it generally uses a rear-facing fingerprint sensor on its models. Rumors stated that the smartphone will feature surround sound technology to deliver a more immersive gaming experience.

    The company said in the statement that the smartphone will launch later this week for sure and it has come up with the major expansion in its making India plans. The company is about to open three different smartphone plants in India across three different campuses such as Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

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    New York: One Dead, Six Hurt in A Fire at Trump Tower

    New York Police Department stated that on 7th April 2018 fire broke out at Trump Tower leaving 67-year-old Todd Brassner dead and six injured. The man was a resident of the building’s 50th floor. Todd Brassner took to Mount Sinai Roosevelt hospital but later died.

    The fire was contained to the 50th floor of the Manhattan office and residential building and it was ruled under control two hours after from its report time. A 67-year-old man found unconscious when firefighters pulled him out of his apartment.

    The heat and heavy smoke too much for the resident of the apartment found engulfed. Before the death news, US president Donald Trump congratulated firefighter for their work while tweeting, “Fire at Trump Tower is out. Very confined. Firemen did a great job.”

    At the time of the fire, none of the Trump members were in the Tower. The injuries to the firefighters were not considered dangerous but two of them burned.

    The bankruptcy document stated that Brassner’s apartment was valued at $2.5 million and had an extensive collection of prized works of art such as ukuleles, several=l guitars and many more.

    Trump Tower built in nearly 80’s before sprinkler systems were mandated. Trump Tower is an all glass, luxury building with offices and residence but do not have sprinklers. US president maintains the buildings three floors as his apartment. Trump praised towers construction as a “well-built building”.

    The Trump Tower fire news comes three months after a minor fire softened out up a cooling tower on the top of the building. Two were harmed which may have been caused by the electrical warmers inside the cooling tower.



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    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg Says, Some Advertiser Taking Pause Due to Privacy Crisis

    Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg admitting the company had mishandled users’ data also suggesting user need to pay to opt out their data being used for targeted ads. The idea of paying for Facebook is purely hypothetical, it very unlikely that it would happen, but Facebook COO was making the point that Facebook is free service and the reason they don’t charge users because they make money from collecting all that information and selling ads on the platform that can perfectly target user and their interest.

    Sheryl Sandberg says, she and others on Facebook were too idealistic and bad actors take advantages. Just this week, Facebook uncovered the new issue where the user could look at the public profile data of every single Facebook user saying this:

    Sheryl Sandberg said, “In this case, we had the feature that enabled the user to find their friends by name, e-mail address or their phone number that was really important to a lot of people. People who should not have scraped that data and made the directory of it nut what matters here is that all the information they received was already public. They did not scarp any private data. So, it was information people had already listed on Facebook publicly. Now that does not make it okay.”

    The company has been criticized for not checking the data had been erased, a mistake that Sandberg acknowledged.

    Sandberg said, “We had legal assurances from them that they deleted. What we didn’t do was the next step of an audit and we are trying to do that now.”