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  • Trump’s Attack on Amazon Sends Stock Plunging

    US president Trump’s growing attack on an e-commerce company Amazon. The president on lashing out at one of the world’s biggest retailers and just like that Amazon’s stock plunged. The war between Donald Trump and Amazon seems to be getting personal. Amazon is the company where millions of American buys everything electronics to paper towels. […]

  • 13-Year-Old Boy Found Alive After Falling into Drainage Pipe in Los Angeles

    On April 1, 2018, a 13-year-old boy Jesse Hernandez was found alive who plunged into a vast network of city sewer tunnels beneath Griffith Park and being washed away into a network of drainage pipes in Los Angeles. Monday morning after sanitation laborers evacuated a sewer vent cover and recognized the kid peering back at […]

  • Tesla Car on Autopilot Mode Before Fatal Crash in Northern California

    The new concern about the safety of self-driving vehicle as the fatal crash in Northern California involving a car made by Tesla that slammed into a roadside barrier and caught fire. Tesla says the car was in autopilot mode when the crash occurred. The crash killed the driver identified by U.S. media outlets as Walter […]

  • US President Attacks Amazon for Paying Little Taxes

    United States President Donald Trump on the attack against electronic commerce computing company, Amazon, and its Chief Executive Officer, claiming the company paying too little tax. Many people at home order items and in some states when someone buying from a third-party vendor through Amazon then you don’t pay tax. Not long ago, Jeff Bezos […]

  • Sacramento Police Killed Unarmed Black Man

    On 26th March 2018, 22-year-old unarmed black man. Stephon Clark was shot and killed by c police in his grandmothers’ backyard and now his family demanding justice. High emotions in Sacramento where multiple groups and family of Stephon Clark are demanding justice and crying out for change after the young man’s death at the hands […]

  • 27-Year-Old Denoted Part of His Liver to American Child

    A 2-year-old girl and 27-year-old who never met, but he saved her life. At the point when Zanyah Brown was 2 years of age, her mom saw that something wasn’t right. Zanyah Brown’s mother said, “It was very scary because it went from her having cold symptoms and her actually being in severe pain.” In […]

  • IOWA Family Dies on Vacation in Mexico Inhaled Toxic Gas

    Mexican authorities stated that Iowa family found dead after healing toxic gases and investigators beginning to unravel a mystery. Autopsy results from a family from Iowa, it shows they inhaled toxic gas while inside their vacations condo. Mexican authorities stated that IOWA Family were staying in Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast and they repeated that […]

  • Heavy Rain Could Trigger Flooding & Mudslides in Southern California

    Southern California is on alert for flash flooding and mudslides as heavy rain come down. Entering the part of the day, authorities are most concern about the weather, they are expecting heavy bouts of rain for the next seven hours, so the threat of another massive debris flow remains very high. The clearing was put […]