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  • syrian army

    Syrian army prepares for showdown against ISIS

    The Syrian army has reportedly shifted a large number of its forces toward Eastern Aleppo and Deir Ezzor in preparation for separate operations against the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS).

  • Russia to open new reconciliation center in Syria

    The Russian government will establish a new reconciliation center to fast track the brokering of peace negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition militant groups.

  • Aleppo

    Astana talks to fortify Syria ceasefire accord

    The Kazakhstan-brokered peace talks at Astana on January 23-24 hopes to strengthen the December 29, 2016, ceasefire agreement on Syria to end the six-year upheaval in the country that displaced millions of Syrian population and killed nearly 500,000 people.

  • T90 tank

    Russia willing to provide most advanced anti-terrorist equipment

    Russia is ready to offer the most advanced equipment and gear for anti-terrorist means, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced at a commission meeting for military-technical cooperation on Monday, according to TASS.

  • Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James testifies before the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense, Feb. 27, 2015, in Washington. James and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III met with the House members to discuss the Air Force's Fiscal Year 2016 President's Budget Request. (U.S. Air Force photo/Scott M. Ash)

    Russia number one threat to US — US Air Force Secretary

    The United States Air Force Secretary has once again claimed that Russia is the number one threat to Washington following US President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to improve the relationship with Moscow.