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  • US troops with sdf

    US troops to ‘surprise’ ISIS in Syria

    Pentagon spokesman, Eric Pahon, told the Los Angeles Times that the coalition would not routinely announce nor confirm information about the capabilities, force numbers, locations or movement of forces, whether in or out of Iraq and Syria.

  • syrian missiles

    Syria threatens missile strikes on Israel if attacks continue

    The Syrian government has reportedly issued a warning to the Israeli government through a Russian mediator, cautioning them against continued airstrikes against Syrian military targets and threatening to retaliate with Scud missiles against Israeli military bases if they continue.

  • Suspected ISIS gas attack hits Iraqi forces in west Mosul

    VIDEO: ISIS chemical attack hits Iraqi forces

    MOSUL, Iraq – A mortar believed to be fired by ISIS landed near a Rudaw team embedded with Iraqi forces in Mosul, causing severe respiratory problems among the advancing Iraqi soldiers and media.

  • Israeli Soldiers - Wikimedia

    Israel wants to send Lebanon back to ‘Middle Ages’ in next war

    The next war Israel will launch against Lebanon must take the country back to the “Middle Ages” and should target civilians in the country, far-right Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett said over the weekend expressing concern over the rise of Hezbollah within the political scene in Lebanon.

  • Karrar

    Iran unveils new home-made battle tank

    The tank dubbed “Karrar” has been completely designed and manufactured by the country’s defense ministry, according to media reports.