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  • rouhani

    Iran: US violates nuclear deal, promises ‘intelligent’ response

    Iran is promising to pursue “intelligent” and careful measures in response to the new round of sanctions signed into effect by U.S. President Donald Trump, which Tehran has said represents a clear violation of the terms of 2015’s landmark nuclear deal, of which Trump has long been a strong critic.

  • isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi

    Russia airstrike likely killed ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi

    The Russian Defense Ministry has said they might have killed the ISIS leader along with 30 mid-level leaders and about 300 terrorists in a strike they carried out at the end of May.

  • US Air Force Syria

    US-led coalition strikes pro-government forces in Syria

    According to a statement, the coalition said it had destroyed “additional pro-Syrian regime forces that advanced inside the well-established de-confliction zone in southern Syria, June 6.” The coalition said that “despite previous warnings, pro-regime forces entered the agreed-upon de-confliction zone with a tank, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, armed technical vehicles and more than 60 soldiers posing […]

  • ISIS launches chemical attacks in Mosul, say Iraqi military

    The officer with the anti-terrorism forces said Saturday that the attack occurred the night before in the al-Abar neighborhood, when ISIS fired a rocked loaded with chlorine. He said seven Iraqi soldiers suffered breathing problems and were treated in a nearby field clinic.

  • s-400 syria

    Israel assisted US strike on Syria airbase – media

    According to Russian media reports citing a source in the Lebanese army, US navy destroyers; USS Porter and USS Ross, equipped with up to 90 Tomahawk cruise missiles each, were on April 5th off the coast of Sicily, but on April 6, suddenly made a sharp maneuver, to 40 miles southwest of Tel Aviv.