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Militants ban civilians from leaving Aleppo

According to RIA Novosti, terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo have banned evacuation of civilians through safe corridors.


Armed groups in Aleppo have banned male civilians leaving the city, as Syrian troops continues to strengthen their grip on the Syrian city. 

Russia and Syria this week announced the establishment of humanitarian relief corridors. According to Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, three corridors were setup to facilitate the evacuation of civilians, with a separate corridor setup for militants who wish to surrender.

Citing a source in the city, RIA Novosti reports that males under the age of fifty have been prohibited from leaving areas under the control of various armed militant groups.

Additionally, civilians who tried to exit the Bustan al-Qasr district were fired upon by terrorists.

Separately, the TV news channel Al-Mayadeen reported that terrorists had threatened with death anyone who tried to flee areas recently surrounded by the Syrian army.

Source: RIA Novosti

Photo: TASS

Written by Jim Lemuel Wilson

Jim Lemuel Wilson previously worked for The Manila Times and S&P Global Market Intelligence. He specializes in Middle East affairs and foreign policy. Contact Jim by email.

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